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LiteCAD drawing object contains both graphical and nongraphical objects. You use graphical objects, such as lines, arcs, and circles, to create your designs. At the same time, you use nongraphical information, referred to herein as named objects, to manage the design. Loosely speaking, named objects are graphical object specifications.  Named objects include such items as text styles, dimension styles, layers, linetypes and so on. Named objects help you design more efficiently. For example, if you use a set of linetype properties frequently, you can save the properties as a named linetype and then apply the linetype to lines in your future drawings.
LiteCAD stores named objects by type, in different tables. LiteCAD's API provides functions to add, delete and change properties of the named objects. You can view and revise all named objects using LiteCAD's dialog boxes.

The following table enumerates LiteCAD's named objects.

Named object Description
Block Contains the block name, base point, and component objects.
Layer Organizes graphical data in the same way that transparent acetate overlays on a drawing do; the layer stores the properties that you set for it, such as color and linetype
Linetype Stores information that controls how a line or curve is displayed... for example, whether the line is continuous or dashed.
Text style Stores settings that control the appearance of text characters... for example, stretched, compressed, oblique, mirrored, or set in a vertical column.
Point style Stores settings that control the appearance of point objects.
Dimension style Stores dimension settings that control the appearance of dimension annotation.
Multiline style Stores multiline settings that control the appearance of multiline objects.
Raster image Stores raster image settings that control the appearance of image reference objects.
Filling with lines Stores settings that control the appearance of inside area of closed entities.

Each named object has the following properties:

Property Type Access Meaning
R Unique Identifier
Hexadecimal string (up to 16 characters)
LC_PROP_TABLE_NAME string RW Table Name
LC_PROP_TABLE_DESCR string RW Table description
LC_PROP_TABLE_TYPE int R Type of named object
LC_PROP_TABLE_DELETED bool R "Deleted" flag
LC_PROP_TABLE_DRW handle R Handle to owner drawing
LC_PROP_TABLE_PRIORITY int RW Priority value, used for sorting (lcDrwSortObjects)
LC_PROP_TABLE_NREFS int R A number of references to the object

   User specific data
LC_PROP_TABLE_XDATASIZE int RW Size of extra data (bytes)
LC_PROP_TABLE_XDATA handle RW Pointer to extra data
LC_PROP_TABLE_XSTR string RW User text variable (uses XDATA buffer)
 . . .

int RW User integer variables
 . . .

float RW User float variables

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