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A Multiline Style defines the appearance of a multiline entities. When you create a new drawing it already has the "Standard" multiline style by default. New multiline entities are added to a drawing using the current multiline style.

These are the functions used to manage multiline styles in a drawing:

Function Meaning
lcDrwAddMlineStyle Adds a new multiline style into a drawing
lcDrwDeleteObject Deletes an object from a drawing
lcDrwCountObjects Counts a number of objects, by type
lcDrwSortObjects Sorts objects by LC_PROP_TABLE_PRIORITY
Used to sequentially retrieve all objects
lcDrwGetObjectByName Retrieves an object by its name
Retrieves object by its identifier

Text style object has the following properties:

Property Type Access Meaning
R Unique Identifier
Hexadecimal string (up to 16 characters)
LC_PROP_MLSTYLE_NAME string RW Multiline style name
LC_PROP_MLSTYLE_DESCR string RW Multiline style description
LC_PROP_MLSTYLE_STANDARD bool R "Standard" flag
LC_PROP_MLSTYLE_DRW handle R Handle to owner drawing
LC_PROP_MLSTYLE_JOINTS bool RW "Display joints" flag
LC_PROP_MLSTYLE_STARTLINE bool RW "Display start line" flag
LC_PROP_MLSTYLE_STARTARC bool RW "Display start arc" flag
LC_PROP_MLSTYLE_ENDLINE bool RW "Display end line" flag
LC_PROP_MLSTYLE_ENDARC bool RW "Display end arc" flag
LC_PROP_MLSTYLE_NLINES int R Number of lines
LC_PROP_MLSTYLE_ILINE int RW Index of current line
For current line
LC_PROP_MLSTYLE_LTYPE handle RW Line linetype handle
LC_PROP_MLSTYLE_COLOR string RW Line color

These are the functions you can use with a multiline style object:

Function Meaning
lcMLStyleAddLine Adds a line definition
lcMLStyleDelLine Deletes a line definition
lcMLStyleSortLines Sort lines by offset

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