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A Dimension Style defines the appearance of a dimension entities. When you create a new drawing it already has the "Standard" dimension style by default. New dimension entities are added to a drawing using the current dimension style.

These are the functions used to manage dimension styles in a drawing:

Function Meaning
lcDrwAddDimStyle Adds a new dimension style into a drawing
lcDrwDeleteObject Deletes an object from a drawing
lcDrwCountObjects Counts a number of objects, by type
lcDrwSortObjects Sorts objects by LC_PROP_TABLE_PRIORITY
Used to sequentially retrieve all objects
lcDrwGetObjectByName Retrieves an object by its name
Retrieves object by its identifier

Text style object has the following properties:

Property Type Access Meaning
LC_PROP_TABLE_...    Base class properties
R Unique Identifier
Hexadecimal string (up to 16 characters)
LC_PROP_DIMST_NAME string RW Dimension style name
LC_PROP_DIMST_DESCR string RW Dimension style description
LC_PROP_DIMST_DRW handle R Handle to owner drawing
LC_PROP_DIMST_STANDARD bool R "Standard" flag
LC_PROP_DIMST_ADEC int RW Number of precision places displayed in angular dimensions
LC_PROP_DIMST_ASZ float RW Dimension arrowhead size and hookline size
LC_PROP_DIMST_AUNIT int RW Angle format for angular dimensions
LC_PROP_DIMST_AZIN int RW Controls suppression of zeros for angular dimensions
LC_PROP_DIMST_BLK1 int RW Arrow1 type
LC_PROP_DIMST_BLK2 int RW Arrow2 type
LC_PROP_DIMST_CEN float RW Style of center marks for arcs or circles being dimensioned
LC_PROP_DIMST_CLRD int RW Color for dimension leader lines, arrowheads, dimension lines and leaders
LC_PROP_DIMST_CLRE int RW Color for dimension extension lines
LC_PROP_DIMST_CLRT int RW Color for dimension text
LC_PROP_DIMST_DEC int RW Precision for a primary units dimension's tolerance values
LC_PROP_DIMST_DSEP int RW Single-character decimal separator used when creating dimensions whose unit format is decimal
LC_PROP_DIMST_EXE float RW Extension of extension line beyond dimension line
LC_PROP_DIMST_EXO float RW Offset of extension lines from origin points
LC_PROP_DIMST_GAP float RW The gap around dimension text when the dimension line is broken to fit the text
LC_PROP_DIMST_LDRBLK int RW Leader arrow type
LC_PROP_DIMST_LFAC float RW Global scale factor for linear dimensioning measurements
LC_PROP_DIMST_LWD int RW Dimension line linewidth
LC_PROP_DIMST_LWE int RW Extension line linewidth
LC_PROP_DIMST_POST string RW A dimension prefix or suffix for the measurement text
LC_PROP_DIMST_RND float RW A rounding value for dimensions.
LC_PROP_DIMST_SCALE float RW Overall scale factor applied to dimension variables for sizes, distances and offsets
LC_PROP_DIMST_TAD int RW Determines text vertical position relative to the dimension line
LC_PROP_DIMST_TIH int RW If 1, text between extension lines is always drawn horizontally
LC_PROP_DIMST_TXT float RW Dimension text height if the current dimstyle has no fixed text height
RW Handle to Text style
Name of text style
LC_PROP_DIMST_LUNIT int RW Units for all dimension types except Angular
LC_PROP_DIMST_ZIN int RW Controls the suppression of zeros in the primary unit value

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