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LiteCAD system variables are global properties, therefore in the lcProp... functions use NULL for the hObject parameter.
Global properties can be set/get before calling of lcInitialize function.

Property Type Access Meaning
LC_PROP_G_REGCODE string R Registration code
LC_PROP_G_VERSION string R LiteCAD version
LC_PROP_G_MSGTITLE string RW title for messages (default "LiteCAD")
LC_PROP_G_HELPFILE string RW Name of help file ("Litecad.chm" by default)

LC_PROP_G_DIRDLL string R Directory of running Litecad.dll module
LC_PROP_G_DIRFONTS string RW Directory of font files (*.lcf), by default <LC_PROP_G_DIRDLL>\Fonts
LC_PROP_G_DIRLNG string RW Directory of language files (*.lng), by default <LC_PROP_G_DIRDLL>\Config
LC_PROP_G_DIRTPL string RW Directory of drawing's templates (*.lcd), by default <LC_PROP_G_DIRDLL>\Templates
LC_PROP_G_DIRCFG string RW Directory of config files (the directory must have write permit), by default <LC_PROP_G_DIRDLL>\Config

LC_PROP_G_SAVECFG bool RW Determines whether to save configuration or not
LC_PROP_G_ICON16 handle
Handle to icon for LiteCAD dialogs (size 16x16)
Icon filename
LC_PROP_G_ICON32 handle
Handle to icon for LiteCAD dialogs (size 32x32)
Icon filename
  W Handle to bitmap for rulers corner
Filename of raster image
LC_PROP_G_PRNUSEBMP bool RW Use bitmap for printing
LC_PROP_G_PRNBMPFILE string RW File to save the print bitmap
LC_PROP_G_PRNBTNRAS bool RW Visibility of button "Raster..." in the "Print" dialog
LC_PROP_G_PRNBTNSRIF bool RW Visibility of items "Save Raster Image to File" in the "Print/Raster" dialog
LC_PROP_G_PNTPIXSIZE bool RW Meaning of negative PointSize parameter, if TRUE - size in pixels, FALSE - % of window height
LC_PROP_G_GETDELENT bool RW Controls if lcBlockGetEnt... functions will retrieve deleted entities (LC_PROP_ENT_DELETED) or not
LC_PROP_G_SBARHEIGHT int R StatusBar default height
LC_PROP_G_FILEPROGRESS bool RW Display progress box during file load/save
LC_PROP_G_FILEDEFEXT string RW Default file extention used for "Open file" dialog
LC_PROP_G_ORDSEQ_AUTO bool RW Auto-sort connected entities (command LC_CMD_ORDER_SEQ)
LC_PROP_G_TABCMDWND bool RW Display command window by pressing the <Tab> key
LC_PROP_G_UNDOMSG bool RW Display a message when Undo/Redo buffer is empty
LC_PROP_G_MINCHARSIZE int RW Ranges 3..15. Below this value a text character will be drawn as a rectangle
LC_PROP_G_PANREDQUAL bool RW Reduce draw quality when panning
LC_PROP_G_ENTEXT bool RW Display entity's extents rectangle
LC_PROP_G_DLGVAL string RW Dialog value for lcDgGetValue function
LC_PROP_G_STR string RW Text value
LC_PROP_G_INT int R Integer value
LC_PROP_G_FLOAT float R Float value
LC_PROP_G_HANDLE handle R Handle value

LC_PROP_G_DEMOTEXT string RW Demo text drawn over a window
LC_PROP_G_DEMOSIZE int RW Height of demo text (pixels)
LC_PROP_G_DEMOCOLOR int RW Color of demo text (COLORREF)

Selection of entities
LC_PROP_SEL_PICKBOXSIZE int RW Half-size of selecting square, in pixels
LC_PROP_SEL_PICKBYRECT bool RW Implied windowing for objects selection (AutoCAD PICKAUTO)
LC_PROP_SEL_PICKDRAG bool RW Selection Rect: Press and Drag (same as AutoCAD PICKDRAG system variable)
LC_PROP_SEL_PICKADD bool RW Controls whether subsequent selections replace the current selection set or add to
LC_PROP_SEL_PICKBYLAYER bool RW Select entities only on active layer
LC_PROP_SEL_PICKINPGON bool RW Select polygons by click on inner area
LC_PROP_SEL_PICKINPGONF bool RW LC_PROP_SEL_PICKINPGON works only for filled polygons
LC_PROP_SEL_PICKINIMG bool RW Select images by click on inner area
LC_PROP_SEL_COLORL1 int RW Line color of selected entities (COLORREF)
LC_PROP_SEL_COLORL2 int RW Line's gap color of selected entities (COLORREF)
LC_PROP_SEL_COLORF int RW Fill color of selected entities (COLORREF)
LC_PROP_SEL_HATCHFILL bool RW Draw hatch filling when entity is selected
LC_PROP_SEL_ENABLEGRIPS bool RW Display grips of selected entities
LC_PROP_SEL_GRIPSIZE int RW Half-size of grip square, in pixels
LC_PROP_SEL_GRIPCOLORF int RW Grips filling color (COLORREF)
LC_PROP_SEL_GRIPENTLIM int RW Max number of selected entities to display grips
LC_PROP_SEL_GRIPNUM bool RW Display grips numbers (for polyline)

Object Snap
LC_PROP_G_OSNAP_MARK bool RW Display object snap marker
LC_PROP_G_OSNAP_APER bool RW Display object snap aperture box
LC_PROP_G_OSNAP_MARKSIZE int RW Half-size of marker indicating snap point, pixels (1-15)
LC_PROP_G_OSNAP_APERSIZE int RW Half-size of square around cursor, used for snap, pixels (1-15)
LC_PROP_G_OSNAP_MARKCOLOR int RW Color of object snap marker (COLORREF)

Aerial View
LC_PROP_G_NAV_LEFT int RW Left of "Aerial view" window
LC_PROP_G_NAV_TOP int RW Top of "Aerial View" window
LC_PROP_G_NAV_WIDTH int RW Width of "Aerial View" window
LC_PROP_G_NAV_HEIGHT int RW Height of "Aerial View" window

Jump Lines
LC_PROP_G_JL_EALEN int RW Length of entity's arrow (pixels)
LC_PROP_G_JL_EAW int RW Half-width of entity's arrow (pixels)
LC_PROP_G_JL_JALEN int RW Length of jump arrow (pixels)
LC_PROP_G_JL_JAW int RW Half-width of jump arrow (pixels)
LC_PROP_G_JL_ACOLOR int RW Color of arrows, RGB value (COLORREF)
LC_PROP_G_JL_NUMFONT string RW Numbers font name, empty string means Windows default GUI font
LC_PROP_G_JL_NUMSIZE int RW Numbers font size, ignored if default GUI font is used
LC_PROP_G_JL_NUMCOLOR int RW Color of numbers, RGB value (COLORREF)
LC_PROP_G_JL_DRAWJARR bool RW Draw arrows of jump lines (between entities)
LC_PROP_G_JL_DRAWJLINE bool RW Draw jump lines (between entities)
LC_PROP_G_JL_DRAWEDOT bool RW Draw dots on entity lines
LC_PROP_G_JL_DRAWEARR bool RW Draw arrows on entity lines
LC_PROP_G_JL_DRAWENUM bool RW Draw numbers on entity lines

Camera view
LC_PROP_G_CAMERA_COUNT int RW Number of camera devices
LC_PROP_G_CAMERA_I int RW Set camera index
LC_PROP_G_CAMERA_NAME string R Name of camera by index (LC_PROP_G_CAMERA_I)
LC_PROP_G_CAMERA_ON bool R TRUE if camera is connected
LC_PROP_G_CAMERA_TIME int RW Interval between camera shots (msec)
LC_PROP_G_CAMERA_WIDTH int R Width of camera image (pixels)
LC_PROP_G_CAMERA_HEIGHT int R Height of camera image (pixels)
R Pointer to image bits
LC_PROP_G_CAMERA_BPROW int R Bytes per row

Options of export a drawing to raster image (lcBlockRasterize)
LC_PROP_G_RAS_FILL bool RW Enable entities fillings
LC_PROP_G_RAS_COLOR bool RW Enable entities colors
LC_PROP_G_RAS_NOPRINT bool RW Apply layer "no print" option

Result valriables of the fucntion lcTIN_TriGetEdge
LC_PROP_G_TIN_PT0 handle R First point of TIN triangle's edge
LC_PROP_G_TIN_PT1 handle R Second point of TIN triangle's edge
LC_PROP_G_TIN_TR bool R Triangle contacted to TIN triangle's edge