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Global properties:

Property Type Access Meaning
LC_PROP_SEL_PICKBOXSIZE int RW Half-size of selecting square, in pixels
LC_PROP_SEL_PICKBYRECT bool RW Implied windowing for objects selection (AutoCAD PICKAUTO)
LC_PROP_SEL_PICKDRAG bool RW Selection Rect: Press and Drag (same as AutoCAD PICKDRAG system variable)
LC_PROP_SEL_PICKADD bool RW Controls whether subsequent selections replace the current selection set or add to
LC_PROP_SEL_PICKBYLAYER bool RW Select entities only on active layer
LC_PROP_SEL_PICKINPGON bool RW Select polygons by click on inner area
LC_PROP_SEL_PICKINPGONF bool RW LC_PROP_SEL_PICKINPGON works only for filled polygons
LC_PROP_SEL_PICKINIMG bool RW Select images by click on inner area
LC_PROP_SEL_COLORL1 int RW Line color of selected entities (COLORREF)
LC_PROP_SEL_COLORL2 int RW Line's gap color of selected entities (COLORREF)
LC_PROP_SEL_COLORF int RW Fill color of selected entities (COLORREF)
LC_PROP_SEL_HATCHFILL bool RW Draw hatch filling when entity is selected
LC_PROP_SEL_ENABLEGRIPS bool RW Display grips of selected entities
LC_PROP_SEL_GRIPSIZE int RW Half-size of grip square, in pixels
LC_PROP_SEL_GRIPCOLORF int RW Grips filling color (COLORREF)
LC_PROP_SEL_GRIPENTLIM int RW Max number of selected entities to display grips
LC_PROP_SEL_GRIPNUM bool RW Display grips numbers (for polyline)