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If LC_PROP_WND_JUMPLINES property is set to true, then LiteCAD graphics window displays draw direction of graphics objects and pen movement between them, as shown on the picture below. This arrows are called "Jump Lines". In Litecad.exe program you can switch this option by main menu item "View / Jump lines".

Size and color of jump lines elements can be set via the following global properties :

Property Type Access Meaning
LC_PROP_G_JL_EALEN int RW Length of entity's arrow (pixels)
LC_PROP_G_JL_EAW int RW Half-width of entity's arrow (pixels)
LC_PROP_G_JL_JALEN int RW Length of jump arrow (pixels)
LC_PROP_G_JL_JAW int RW Half-width of jump arrow (pixels)
LC_PROP_G_JL_ACOLOR int RW Color of arrows, RGB value (COLORREF)
LC_PROP_G_JL_NUMFONT string RW Numbers font name, empty string means Windows default GUI font
LC_PROP_G_JL_NUMSIZE int RW Numbers font size, ignored if default GUI font is used
LC_PROP_G_JL_NUMCOLOR int RW Color of numbers, RGB value (COLORREF)

LC_PROP_G_JL_DRAWJARR bool RW Draw arrows of jump lines (between entities)
LC_PROP_G_JL_DRAWJLINE bool RW Draw jump lines (between entities)
LC_PROP_G_JL_DRAWEDOT bool RW Draw dots on entity lines
LC_PROP_G_JL_DRAWEARR bool RW Draw arrows on entity lines
LC_PROP_G_JL_DRAWENUM bool RW Draw numbers on entity lines

Window properties :

Property Type Access Meaning
LC_PROP_WND_JUMPLINES bool RW Display jump lines in a window

Drawing properties :

Property Type Access Meaning
LC_PROP_DRW_JL_BASE bool RW Begin jump lines from basepoint
LC_PROP_DRW_JL_BASEX float RW Basepoint X
LC_PROP_DRW_JL_BASEY float RW Basepoint Y
LC_PROP_DRW_JL_LAYER bool RW Enable layers for jump lines (also column in "Layers" dialog)

Layer properties :

Property Type Access Meaning
LC_PROP_LAYER_JUMPLINES bool RW Enable jump lines for entities of this layer