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"Aerial View" is a floating window which displays an image of entire drawing. The window also contains red rectangle which indicates a part of a drawing that is currenly visible in LiteCAD graphics window. User can move this rectangle inside of "Aerial View" window, thereby changing the view in the LiteCAD graphics window. By rotating mouse wheel user changes size of the red rectangle and visible part of a drawing.

To define initial position and size of the window, set the following properties, just after creation of LiteCAD graphics window (lcCreateWindow).

Property Type Access Meaning
LC_PROP_G_NAV_LEFT int RW Left of "Aerial View" window
LC_PROP_G_NAV_TOP int RW Top of "Aerial View" window
LC_PROP_G_NAV_WIDTH int RW Width of "Aerial View" window
LC_PROP_G_NAV_HEIGHT int RW Height of "Aerial View" window

In the LiteCAD.exe program you can on/off the navigator window by menu "View / Aerial view", in your application - by setting LC_PROP_WND_NAVIGATOR property.

When any property has been changed, LiteCAD generates event LC_EVENT_NAVIGATOR .

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