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Magnifier is a frame at the right-bottom corner of in LiteCAD graphics window (see the picture below). It displays enlarged area of a drawing which is currently under cursor. As user moves a cursor over a drawing, image in the magnifier is being changed accordingly, in real-time.

To define initial parameters of magnifier, use function lcWndMagnifier, just after creation of LiteCAD graphics window (lcCreateWindow).

In the LiteCAD.exe program you can on/off magnifier by menu "View / Magnifier", in your application - by setting LC_PROP_WND_MAGNIFIER property.
When magnifier is active, you can position cursor over the magnifier frame and click right mouse button to call popup menu where you can change some properties.
Also this properties can be set via command interface (lcWndExeCommand) and the following commands:

Command Meaning
LC_CMD_MAGON Enable magnifier
LC_CMD_MAGOFF Disable magnifier
LC_CMD_MAGPRM Call dialog "Magnifier parameters"
LC_CMD_MAGZOOM4 Set zoom x4
LC_CMD_MAGZOOM6 Set zoom x6
LC_CMD_MAGZOOM8 Set zoom x8
LC_CMD_MAGZOOM10 Set zoom x10
LC_CMD_MAGZOOM12 Set zoom x12
LC_CMD_MAGZOOM14 Set zoom x14

When any property has been changed, LiteCAD generates event LC_EVENT_MAGNIFIER .

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