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A single line segment having two endpoints only. Lines can be one segment or a series of connected segments, but each segment is a separate line object. Use the line object if you want to edit individual segments. If you need to draw a series of line segments as a single object, use the Polyline object.

To add lines into a drawing use following functions:

Function Meaning
lcBlockAddLine By two points
lcBlockAddLineDir By base point, angle, length
lcBlockAddLineTan As a tangent between two circles or arcs

A line entity has the following properties:

Property Type Access Meaning
LC_PROP_ENT_...    Base class properties
LC_PROP_LINE_X0 float RW Start point X
LC_PROP_LINE_Y0 float RW Start point Y
LC_PROP_LINE_Z0 float RW Start point Z
LC_PROP_LINE_X1 float RW End point X
LC_PROP_LINE_Y1 float RW End point Y
LC_PROP_LINE_Z1 float RW End point Z
LC_PROP_LINE_DX float RW Delta X
LC_PROP_LINE_DY float RW Delta Y
LC_PROP_LINE_DZ float RW Delta Z
LC_PROP_LINE_ANG float RW Direction angle
LC_PROP_LINE_LEN float RW Length
RW Dimension style for start arrow, or NULL
RW Dimension style for end arrow, or NULL
LC_PROP_LINE_W0 float RW Start width
LC_PROP_LINE_W1 float RW End width
LC_PROP_LINE_SOLID bool RW Solid fill (if has width)


0 - start point. With <Ctrl> - extend by direction angle
1 - end point. With <Ctrl> - extend by direction angle
2 - middle point. With <Ctrl> - parallel offset

If you point cursor on a grip and click right button - context popup menu will appear:

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