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Measures the diameter of an arc or circle, and displays the dimension text with the diameter symbol in front of it.

New dimensions are created with the current dimension style.
To add diameter dimension object into a drawing use following functions:

Function Meaning
lcBlockAddDimDia By center, radial and text points
lcBlockAddDimDia2 By center point, radius, dim.line angle and text offset

Diameter dimension object has the following properties:

Property Type Access Meaning
LC_PROP_ENT_...    Base class properties
RW Handle to dimension style
Name of dimension style
LC_PROP_DIMDIA_CPX float RW Center point X
LC_PROP_DIMDIA_CPY float RW Center point Y
LC_PROP_DIMDIA_RPX float RW Radial point X
LC_PROP_DIMDIA_RPY float RW Radial point Y
LC_PROP_DIMDIA_FPX float R Opposite radial point X
LC_PROP_DIMDIA_FPY float R Opposite radial point Y
LC_PROP_DIMDIA_TPX float RW Text point X
LC_PROP_DIMDIA_TPY float RW Text point Y
LC_PROP_DIM_TEXT string RW User-supplied dimension text
LC_PROP_DIM_MEAS float R Measured value

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