Graphics window (Paint) Home

General functions and properties

If you implement all graphics via LC_EVENT_PAINT event, with empty drawing's database, then the following functions can be used:

Function Meaning
lcWndTabClear Remove all Tabs
lcWndTabAdd Add Tab
lcWndTabSelect Select Tab
lcWndPaperEnable Draw a paper sheet on a window
lcWndPaperSetSize Set paper size
lcWndPaperSetSize2 Set paper size
lcWndPaperSetPos Set paper position
lcGripClear Remove all object grips
lcGripAdd Add object grip
lcGripSet Set object grip

There are the functions that can be used to draw graphics in the window:

Function Meaning
lcPaint_PenCreate Create a pen (used to draw lines)
lcPaint_PenSelect Select active pen by handle
lcPaint_PenSelectID Select active pen by identifier
lcPaint_BrushCreate Create a brush (used to fill polygons)
lcPaint_BrushSelect Select active brush by handle
lcPaint_BrushSelectID Select active brush by identifier
lcPaint_FontSelect Select active font
lcPaint_DrawPtbuf Draw a polyline
lcPaint_DrawMpgon Draw a multipolygon
Draw a raster image
Draw a text
lcPaint_DrawTextBC Draw a text for barcode
lcPaint_DrawArcText Draw an arc text
lcPaint_DrawHatch Draw a hatch
lcPaint_DrawPoint Draw a point
lcPaint_DrawLine Draw a line
lcPaint_DrawXline Draw an infinite line or ray
Draw a rectangle
lcPaint_DrawTIN Draws Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN)
lcPaint_DrawCPrompt Draws a text with filled background
lcPaint_DrawPickBox Draws a pickbox at cursor position

For an example of using this functions, see sample C++ project \LC_Samples\Paint\