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These are the functions used for localization of GUI strings:

Function Meaning
lcStrAdd Adds text string for application
lcStrSet Replaces text string
lcStrGet Returns text string
lcStrFileLoad Loads text strings from language file
lcStrFileSave Save default text strings into language file

The above functions, except lcStrGet, are intended to use inside of the LC_EVENT_ADDSTR event procedure.

Localization of LiteCAD.exe

- Run LiteCAD.exe and press <Tab> key - command window will appear.

- In the command window enter "savestr". This command will create file LC_original.lng in the Config directory. File LC_original.lng contains orininal GUI strings of LiteCAD.

- Run application EditLng.exe, which is used to create LNG file with translated strings.

- By menu "File / Open Original..." load the file LC_original.lng

- Edit fields in the "String" column, with required language. After finishing - save contents of this column in LNG file, for example LC_russian.lng . The file will be placed in the Config directory.

- Open the file LiteCAD_exe.cfg in text editor and find the string

- Add name of the created LNG file, for example

- Save and close the file LiteCAD_exe.cfg

- Run LiteCAD.exe . Now all replaced GUI strings will be loaded from LC_russian.lng . For not replaced strings, LiteCAD will use original.

In your own application you can load LNG file in the LC_EVENT_ADDSTR event procedure by the function lcStrFileLoad , for example:

lcStrFileLoad( L"LC_russian.lng" );