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Windows Text object is similar to the Text object, but it is drawn by WinAPI function TextOut, instead of LiteCAD vectorization. It has better appearance, but also has some limitations.
New text entities are created with the current Text style. The text style must use Windows True Type font, not LiteCAD font (lcd).

To add text into a drawing use following functions:

Function Meaning
lcBlockAddTextWin By text and position
lcBlockAddTextWin2 By text, position, alignment, height, width scale, rotation, oblique

A text has properties and functions derived from base class and the following specific properties:

Property Type Access Meaning
LC_PROP_ENT_...    Base class properties
RW Handle to Text style
Name of Text style
LC_PROP_TEXTW_STR string RW Text content (See formatting codes)
LC_PROP_TEXTW_LEN int R Number of characters in the text string
LC_PROP_TEXTW_ALIGN int RW Alignment type
LC_PROP_TEXTW_X float RW Insertion point X
LC_PROP_TEXTW_Y float RW Insertion point Y
LC_PROP_TEXTW_H float RW Height. If 0 - LC_PROP_TSTYLE_HEIGHT value will be used
LC_PROP_TEXTW_WSCALE float RW Width factor (horisontal scale). If 0 - LC_PROP_TSTYLE_WSCALE value will be used
LC_PROP_TEXTW_ANGLE float RW Rotation angle

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