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To add 3D face object into a drawing use following functions:

Function Meaning
lcBlockAddFace By 3 points
lcBlockAddFace4 By 4 points

A 3D face entity has the following properties:

Property Type Access Meaning
LC_PROP_ENT_...    Base class properties
LC_PROP_FACE_X0 float RW 1st point X
LC_PROP_FACE_Y0 float RW 1st point Y
LC_PROP_FACE_Z0 float RW 1st point Z
LC_PROP_FACE_X1 float RW 2nd point X
LC_PROP_FACE_Y1 float RW 2nd point Y
LC_PROP_FACE_Z1 float RW 2nd point Z
LC_PROP_FACE_X2 float RW 3rd point X
LC_PROP_FACE_Y2 float RW 3rd point Y
LC_PROP_FACE_Z2 float RW 3rd point Z
LC_PROP_FACE_X3 float RW 4th point X
LC_PROP_FACE_Y3 float RW 4th point Y
LC_PROP_FACE_Z3 float RW 4th point Z
LC_PROP_FACE_EDGE1 bool RW 1st edge visibility
LC_PROP_FACE_EDGE2 bool RW 2nd edge visibility
LC_PROP_FACE_EDGE3 bool RW 3rd edge visibility
LC_PROP_FACE_EDGE4 bool RW 4th edge visibility
LC_PROP_FACE_EDGE int RW A combination of LC_FACE_EDGE... constants
(see lcBlockAddFace)

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