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To add ellipses into a drawing use following functions:

Function Meaning
lcBlockAddEllipse Adds an ellipse

An ellipse has properties and functions derived from base class and the following specific properties:

Property Type Access Meaning
LC_PROP_ENT_...    Base class properties
LC_PROP_ELL_X float RW Center point X
LC_PROP_ELL_Y float RW Center point Y
LC_PROP_ELL_R1 float RW Major radius (half-length of major axis)
LC_PROP_ELL_R2 float RW Minor radius (half-length of minor axis)
LC_PROP_ELL_RATIO float RW Ratio <Minor radius> / <Major radius>.  Value <= 1.0
LC_PROP_ELL_ANGLE float RW Rotation angle of major axis
LC_PROP_ELL_ANG0 float RW Start angle (for elliptical arc), relative to major axis
LC_PROP_ELL_ANGARC float RW Arc included angle. Positive - counter-clockwise, negative - clockwise.
Zero value means full ellipse
LC_PROP_ELL_ANGEND float R End angle, relative to major axis
LC_PROP_ELL_X0 float R Start point X
LC_PROP_ELL_Y0 float R Start point Y
LC_PROP_ELL_XEND float R End point X
LC_PROP_ELL_YEND float R End point Y
LC_PROP_ELL_LEN float R Length
LC_PROP_ELL_FULL bool R "Full ellipse" flag
LC_PROP_ELL_CCW bool R "Counter-ClockWise direction" flag. Full ellipse always has CCW direction.
LC_PROP_ELL_SECTOR bool RW "Draw as sector" flag (for elliptical arc)
LC_PROP_ELL_RESOL int RW Resolution


0 - center point
1 - rotation
2, 3 - major axis length
4, 5 - minor axis length
6 - start angle
7 - end angle

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