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ECW (Enhanced Compression Wavelet) is a proprietary wavelet compression image format optimized for aerial and satellite imagery. The lossy compression format efficiently compresses very large images with fine alternating contrast. Map projection information can be embedded into the ECW file format to support geospatial applications.
LiteCAD uses the ERDAS ECW JP2 SDK to support this image format. There is NCSEcw.dll file from Hexagon Geospatial that come with LiteCAD package. LiteCAD can work without this file, therefore you must redistribute this file only if your LiteCAD-based application requires support for ECW or Jpeg2000 formats.

To add an image object into a drawing use following functions:

Function Meaning
lcBlockAddEcw Adds an image by the image filename.

An image object has properties and functions derived from base class and the following specific properties:

Property Type Access Meaning
LC_PROP_ENT_...    Base class properties
LC_PROP_ECW_FILENAME string R Image filename
LC_PROP_ECW_LOADED bool R "Image is loaded" flag
LC_PROP_ECW_WPIX int R Width (pixels)
LC_PROP_ECW_HPIX int R Height (pixels)
LC_PROP_ECW_CBIT int R Color bits
LC_PROP_ECW_XMIN float R X coordinate of left-bottom corner
LC_PROP_ECW_YMIN float R Y coordinate of left-bottom corner
LC_PROP_ECW_XMAX float R X coordinate of right-top corner
LC_PROP_ECW_YMAX float R Y coordinate of right-top corner
LC_PROP_ECW_W float R Width (drawing units)
LC_PROP_ECW_H float R Height (drawing units)
LC_PROP_ECW_SCALEX float R Horizontal scale, drawing units per image pixel
LC_PROP_ECW_SCALEY float R Vertical scale, drawing units per image pixel
LC_PROP_ECW_BORDER bool RW "Draw a border" flag
LC_PROP_ECW_GRAYS bool RW "Grayscale mode" flag
LC_PROP_ECW_BRIGHT int RW Change brightness of original image (value range -200...+200)

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