lcTIS_InitLibrary Home

Attaches IC Imaging Control DLL to your application.

 BOOL lcTIS_InitLibrary (
   LPCWSTR szLicenseKey,
   BOOL bErrMsg

  IC Imaging Control license key or NULL if only a trial version is available.
  If TRUE then function will display error message if can not initialize the library.

Return Value

  If the function succeeds, the return value is nonzero (TRUE).


  For supporting industrial camera devices, LiteCAD uses IC Imaging Control DLL version (November 23, 2017) from The Imaging Source Europe GmbH
You have to download the following files and copy them into LiteCAD.dll directory:

Download 32-bit DLL's:   tisgrabber.dll,  TIS_UDSHL11.dll

Download 64-bit DLL's:   tisgrabber.dll_x64,  TIS_UDSHL11_x64.dll

See Also

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