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Command Meaning
LC_CMD_NDL Load needle plan file
LC_CMD_NDLOFF Remove needle information from current drawing


Property Type Access Meaning
LC_PROP_DRW_NDL bool R Visibility of markers
LC_PROP_DRW_NDLNEWENT bool RW Mode "Apply needle plan to new entity"
LC_PROP_ENT_NDL bool RW Entity has needle data
LC_PROP_WND_NDLENT bool RW Mode "Setup Entity Needles"


Function Meaning
lcDrwNdlLoad Loads needle plan from a file
lcDrwNdlDefine Defines needles without loading needle plan file
lcDrwNdlDefine2M Defines 2-needle plan with mirror option
lcDrwNdlSetColor Sets needle color
lcEntNdlGetState Gets needle state for entity
lcEntNdlPutState Sets needle state for entity