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Defines filling style for closed entities.

These are the functions used to manage filling styles in a drawing:

Function Meaning
lcDrwAddFilling Adds a new filling style into a drawing
lcFillSetLine Defines hatch line

Filling style object has the following properties:

Property Type Access Meaning
LC_PROP_TABLE_...    Base class properties
R Unique Identifier
Hexadecimal string (up to 16 characters)
LC_PROP_FILL_NAME string RW Filling Name
LC_PROP_FILL_DESCR string RW Filling description
LC_PROP_FILLLINETYPE_DRW handle R Handle to owner drawing
LC_PROP_FILL_NONE bool R TRUE if the filling type is "None"
LC_PROP_FILL_SOLID bool R TRUE if the filling type is "Solid"
LC_PROP_FILL_TYPE int R Filling type, can be one of the following values:
LC_FILL_NONE - empty filling,
LC_FILL_SOLID - solid color,
LC_FILL_LINES - parallel lines,
LC_FILL_HATCH - AutoCAD style hatch

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