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· Define marker types

Marker types are defined in the file "MarkType.xml" placed in the Litecad.dll directory. This is the sample contents of the file:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<marktypes version="0.1" imgdir=".\Markers">
  <type id="1" name="Start element" img="Start.png" offset="5,5"/>
  <type id="2" name="End element" img="End.png" offset="5,5"/>
  <type id="3" name="Information" img="Info.png" offset="5,5"/>
Meaning of the attributes:

    imgdir  -  directory of marker images
    id  -  type identifier
    name  -  type name, as it will appear in the "Marker Properties" dialog
    img  -  filename of the image that will be displayed for marker
    offset  -  offset of image left-bottom corner from marker position (pixels)

· Adding markers

Command "markadd", typed in the command window called by <Tab> key.

Programmatically - command LC_CMD_MARKADD

During the command user adds markers by point on entities.
To finish the command press <Esc> or right mouse button.

· Edit markers

Place curson on a marker and click right mouse button - the popup menu will appear:

You can delete the marker of edit its properties by dialog.

Drawing's properties used for markers :

Property Type Access Meaning
LC_PROP_DRW_MARKVIEW bool RW Visibility of markers (see LC_CMD_MARKVIEW)
LC_PROP_DRW_MARKADD bool RW Ability to add markers (see LC_CMD_MARKADD)
LC_PROP_DRW_MARKEDIT bool RW Ability to edit markers (also snap LC_CMD_MARKEDIT)

Marker-relative commands:

Command Meaning
LC_CMD_MARKADD Add markers
LC_CMD_MARKVIEW Switch visibility of markers
LC_CMD_MARKEDIT Switch the ability to edit markers
LC_CMD_SAVECONT Save contours file

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